Postage Stamps Collecting
STEP 1: Before you begin your new collection, choose a theme which you're interested in and need to collect.   You can now start by going to your neighborhood post office and buy new stamps.

STEP 2: Take used stamps off your previous email.  Be aware that it is sometimes more valuable to collect the whole envelope as opposed to stripping off the patch due to an exceptional postmark date.  There are a lot of individuals who accumulate " the First Day of Issue" envelopes and stamps.  You might also be interested in these kinds of collections.
STEP 3: You should also ask family and friends for their older stamps.  Consider asking businesses to maintain their envelopes and envelopes for you.  Their stored pockets can also be valuable Canibuystamps.

STEP 4: Widen your postage stamps collecting areas to buy stamps from retailers, who are usually listed in newspaper classifieds and give heaps of different patches.

STEP 5: Order stamps through the email or Web sites, either by acceptance or by want list.  "Approval" is when a trader sends you various stamps and you select which ones to keep.  A "want list" is when a dealer checks their inventory and quotes prices for specific stamps you would like to collect.  eBay is a superb source always to buy and sell stamps.  Also, I suggest surfing the world wide web to find decent stamp websites that even offer you a collector forum where you can talk to other collectors with similar interests to yours.
STEP 6: Once you're more experienced and know what you're searching for and the related prices you may bid at stamp auctions or philatelic exhibitions.  Take the time to check through the product and make educated bargains.

 Do so by meeting other postage traders at shows, auctions and postage clubs.
STEP 8: Once you've got a postage stamps collection you will need to organize them in some logical order.  You may arrange them on your stamp album in date order, cost purchase or whatever system you choose to follow.

Store your stamps where they'll be secure and not damaged. 
To help your postage stamps collecting, check the costs of patches in the most current price guides, like the Scott Catalogue or the Blackbook Price Guide.  Follow the instructions printed at the start of the guide to learn more about analyzing and managing a stamp.